Proof of Concepts:

International Healthcare Card



Blockchain delivers information in ways that are tamper-proof and traceable. It achieves an exact collection of epidemic data and dispels rumors, helping citizens to cope with the epidemic positively and reasonably - a huge technologically-enabled advantage not previously available to countries facing crises like novel Coronavirus.

  • The VeriDoc Patented Solution is unique in its ability to give Proof of Provenance and Authenticity, bring track and trace capabilities in real time for all of these challenges faced by authorities
  • With the Coronavirus, Ebola, MERS and influenza, it is important to implement a secure system to collect all data in real time, relating to the patient travel itineraries and treatment locations and prescribed treatments, irrespective of their geographical location, anywhere in the world.
  • VeriDoc Globals patented IT Solution is a flexible formula with the ability to make meaningful changes in real time, which allows data to be accessed by health authorities in seconds throughout the world.
  • The most important requirement of the VeriDoc Global Solution is the security of all data relating to the International Heath Card holder, the data security for world health authorities. Governments and relevant authorities.
  • VeriDoc Global wants to make it clear we do not access your personal information nor keep any records of them. Our solution streamlines and improves upon what we already have in place, see for yourself how the VeriDoc Global solution works today.

The use of blockchain for document verification is quite simple to adopt, and issuers may restore much-needed trust, openness, and accountability towards the certification process by PhoneVacc.