Say No To Fake Vaccine Certificates Using

PhoneVacc Verification Solutions

PhoneVacc is a certificate verification solution company that provides certificate verification services using blockchain technology. Unfortunately, there has been a significant rise in fake vaccine certificates that needs to be addressed immediately. Here at PhoneVacc, we are working collectively on a mission to eradicate vaccine certificate frauds and counterfeits.

Challenges due to the absence of blockchain

Before we dive deep, let us look at the challenges faced due to the absence of blockchain technology in the verification of certificates.

What are the challenges?
  • Fraudulent Sources: One of the most challenging tasks for
  • Fraudulent Sources: One of the most challenging tasks for regulators is distinguishing between fraudulent and genuine certifications.
  • Not genuine: Fake certificates can be purchased online for a low price by everyone. As a result, there is ambiguity and skepticism about the document source’s authenticity.
  • Unreliable methods: Traditional methods for detecting
  • Unreliable methods: Traditional methods for detecting false certification exist, but they are not 100% reliable.
  • Costly: The entire procedure is time-consuming and expensive.

How does the implementation of blockchain help?

The introduction of blockchain technology is the answer to this problem. The easiest solution to combat the developing crisis of false certificates or documents is to issue conventional documents as digital certificates on blockchain technology. When you produce a blockchain-based digital certificate to somebody, it can be substantiated by scanning a QR code.

How is the government using it?

Fake vaccination certificates are becoming a more significant problem than ever, and several other countries seek to have more people vaccinated.

  • False vaccine certificates and test reports have become more widely available since vaccines became a means to get around travel restrictions.
  • Telegram sells fake vaccination certifications and faulty test results from 29 nations, particularly India.
  • Many countries thought blockchain would be a key differentiator for concerns like document fraud.
  • Blockchain technology can assist organisations in various ways, including certificate verification.

This is where PhoneVacc comes into the picture. We have devised an innovative technique to combat corruption to eliminate the concerns about fake vaccination certificates. With blockchain, we can ensure that certificate verification is secure and transparent. Plus, the data you share with us will be saved on government servers, ensuring complete document transparency.

How does PhoneVacc help in eradicating the problem?

PhoneVacc has introduced a solution that verifies vaccination certificates with the help of blockchain technology.

So, how does it help?

  • PhoneVacc can be used to authenticate any vaccination certificates.
  • The implementation of blockchain technology is done to verify the details.
  • When you scan the QR code, the original document comes up from the server, highlighting the date when the document was created.
  • The individual's verification page on PhoneVacc would contain all the vaccine details.
  • It has a user-friendly interface and can be operated from mobile phones, laptops, iPads, etc.

Is it safe to share personal data on PhoneVacc?

PhoneVacc is safe because the data you share on the website is stored on government servers. This means that PhoneVacc does not save any data of yours. PhoneVacc believes in document transparency and data protection for its users.

How do patients download the certificates?

A secured QR code is included with the digital certificate given by PhoneVacc. As a result, when a digital certificate is shared and scanned by a third party at a hospital, business, or airport, it can be instantly confirmed without contacting the issuing authority.
PhoneVacc acts as the application programming interface , providing complete document transparency and verifying the authenticity of the certificate details.

Benefits of blockchain implemented certificate verification by PhoneVacc
  • Digital certificates are becoming increasingly widely used because:
  • They give security, scalability, validity, reliability, and trustworthiness.
  • These are used to validate the authenticity of the documents.
  • These are used to validate the integrity of documents, webpages, and laptops, landed property, academic paperwork, and medical insurance, among other things.

So, why is blockchain being used to verify certificates?

Blockchain encrypted digital certificates are becoming a significant aspect of safeguarding certificate security since they are secured, cost-effective, and accessible 24x7.
In addition, issuers guarantee that their certifications remain intact and verifiable by leveraging blockchain technology.

Features of blockchain implemented certificate verification

It is not difficult to create a digital certificate on the blockchain. You won’t have to buy any additional hardware or software. You only need to use a platform like PhoneVacc.

It is a platform that enables blockchain technology and public-key cryptography to provide certificate verification services. Let us take you through the process for a clearer understanding.

When governments register with us, you will be able to create and verify certificates with just a scan.

Then, they will be taken to a secure portal revealing all of the patient’s data, such as their name, age, gender, country, district, sub-county, contact information, and more, by scanning the QR Code on the card.

They would also see the person’s medical record, which will show if they were vaccinated with the first and second dosage, what vaccinations they received, and the name of the hospitals, the doctor’s name, the nurse’s name, and the time of vaccination.

A brief description of the doctor, including email address, phone number, specialisation, and address, will be provided to the government or organisation and verify them.

The use of blockchain for document verification is quite simple to adopt, and issuers may restore much-needed trust, openness, and accountability towards the certification process by PhoneVacc.